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WordPress Add-on Enquiry

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WordPress Add-Ons Enquiry

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Additional Add-ons


    • Akeeba Admin €50.00
      Perform maintenance tasks. Protection against hackers. Optimise your site. All in one, neat bundle. View Product
    • Akeeba Backup €50.00
      Backup, restore and transfer your WordPress blog in seconds. Based on our award-winning backup technology, trusted by thousands of users. Backup, restore and transfer any WordPress blog. View Product
    • €150.00 Template Skinned
      Design of theme based on client requirements
    • €180.00 5 Page Design
      Creating pages from supplied content and images
    • €45.00 Professional Forms
      Contact and Quotation forms
    • €15.00 Spam Filter
      reCAPTCH (tick I’m not a robot) service.
    • €35.00 Search Engine
      Google analytics and Bing search engines
    • €30.00 Compliance Automation
      Setup of sitemaps and legal privacy policy
    • 1 year Website Support