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South Africans Moving to Ireland

14 March 2024
South Africans moving to Ireland

Zerophoid is the powerhouse behind the SA2Eire website, a platform designed to help South Africans relocate to Ireland. As a South African myself, I personally benefited from their services, which enabled my family and me to move to Ireland’s west coast. One of the biggest hurdles we faced was establishing an Irish business that offered the same range of services we had been providing to our clients back in South Africa, including website hosting, design, social media management, website security, and maintenance.

“Starting a business in another country requires the bravery to leap into the unknown and the wisdom to navigate its depths. It’s not just about translating your business plan into another language, but about understanding and embracing the nuances of a new culture. Your venture becomes a bridge between worlds, built on the pillars of adaptability, resilience, and an open mind. Remember, the biggest risk is not taking one at all.”

With two decades of experience in the tech industry under my belt, I’ve successfully managed businesses in both South Africa and Ireland. My expertise has allowed me to set up digital phone lines so my South African clients can easily reach me, ranging from phone consultations to domain registration. Having an Irish passport was a game-changer for me, especially since it’s a crucial requirement for setting up a business in Ireland and handling domain registrations. We’ve had the privilege of helping many fellow South Africans with domain registration, website development, and establishing a presence in the Irish market.

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In 2016 our Facebook group “South Africans Moving to Ireland” was born. Over the years with overwhelming support and many thousands of successful moves to the Republic of Ireland through our Facebook group, we decided to put our collective knowledge and experience to good use and launch this site. 

We help guide you where you want to look for information.

We rely fully on the official websites of the Irish government to assist. Mostly the information comes directly off the LINKS below. Experience and knowledge have come from thousands of hours of research. 

We highly recommend you read the information off these sites to ensure you fully understand all the concepts and processes.

South Africans in Ireland

All data on this website, is compiled and extracted from those sites to make this specific to South African passport holders (or Dual SA and Irish/EU/British/other passports). The reason we are doing this, is to make the information relevant to South Africans in particular, comparing what we have known in SA to here in Ireland.

We recommend you have a notepad and start noting down what’s important for your move thereby creating a tailor-made guide for your family circumstances. That file of information that you gather is going to be your go-to from when you start to well after you arrive. 

A lot of the Home Affairs documents take a long time to gather, so even if you are only at the ‘thinking’ stages, we recommend you go now and get those documents ordered. Even if Ireland is not your destination, those documents will be needed everywhere in the world that you may plan to move to.

SA2Eire Immigration Assistance START HERE  

  Ireland Immigration, Department of Justice and Equality

  Irish Citizen Information  

  UK Government

  South Africans moving to Ireland Facebook Group

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